Accelerate Software Deployment Automation With Chocolatey NuGet Essentials For Automation Pros

After my session “Setting Up Your Own Private, Secured Package Repository” at the PowerShell DevOps Summit, there has been more interest in the PluralSight course I built to help automation developers get started with Chocolately.

Chocolatey NuGet Essentials for Automation Pros unpacks the Chocolatey technology set and helps you understand what role it plays in deployment automation, and how it can deliver critical value to your software deployment automation tool chain whether you live in a DevOps world or a Traditional Ops world.

It is also helpful to gain understanding of the development of DevOps style system provisioning, software deployment automation and configuration management through DevOps style packaging frameworks for Windows.

If you’d like to learn more, here is a course trailer over at PluralSight.

[Chocolatey NuGet Essentials for Automation Pros] (