Binary Repos: Setting Up Your Own Private, Secured,, or ($500 off IT Dev Connections)

Below is the session abstract for the session I will be giving at IT Dev Connections in October. Also, here is a code to get $500 off the conference: “500SPKR”

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Binary Repos: Setting Up Your Own Private, Secured,, or - Why and How

The repository was recently hacked an all binaries had malware injected. is up most of the time, but when it’s having trouble, automation that depends directly on it fails. While security and availability are defensive reasons to curate public packages into your own binary repository, there are many positive reasons as well!

NuGet technology is used as the underlying framework for,, and and it is heavily used in by Windows Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools such as TFS, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy. You can also securely place it on the web so that it can serve all your locations and environments with one address. Binary repositories can also help when deploying windows software through Chef, Puppet, SCCM, PowerShell DSC, Ansible and any other orchestration system. You can leverage a binary repository to help in all these areas. The session will then go through several implementation models from very simple ones to options that include free versions of commercial products. This session is drawn from experience with doing proof of concept and product implementations of several of the products.

Learning Objectives

  • Brief discussion of the benefits of a dedicated repository over ones built into continuous integration and continuous delivery tools.
  • Survey of the types of content that can be served up from a NuGet repository.
  • Understanding the difference between NuGet feeds, galleries and communities.
  • Encapsulating setups with the automation that installs them for secure, global reach of your software deployment automation.
  • Analysis of your repository options (including “no repository”, “disk based” and free products.)

Session posting on IT Dev Connections Website [Binary Repos: Setting Up Your Own Private, Secured,, or - Why and How] (