'DevOps for Established Infrastructure: Hype or Help?' Modern Infrastructure Summit May 2015

Session Link: [DevOps for Established Infrastructure: Hype or Help?] (http://events.techtarget.com/2015/moderninfrastructure/summit/)

Session Abstract:

It’s no secret that the DevOps revolution came out of a specific kind of company – Internet startups, where there is no legacy technology and where new software features directly support or create revenues. What is the value proposition of DevOps for established enterprises with no Internet-based revenues? Leaning on his experiences simultaneously applying DevOps culture and skills at both an Internet startup as well as a public manufacturing firm, Darwin will provide a brief overview DevOps and how to apply those principles in a mainstream IT organization. Topics will include how DevOps differs from standard methodologies such as ITIL; elements of a DevOps “culture”; how to get your crew started with DevOps; and an overview of some core DevOps skills and tools.