Mission Impossible LIVE Coding

I’ve been working as a Solutions Architect at GitLab for over 6 months now and I’ve met a lot of awesome people and been challenged by a lot of customer requirements. I work on a great team of solutions architects in a part of the company called “Customer Success”. All of GitLab is keenly interested in customers and their experiences, but I gotta say, I love having it right in the group name! The team I am on really has a heart for customers and works hard to make them successful.

Over time I have realized there are a lot of GitLab users who do not get the benefit of our presales services because they aren’t yet ready to move to paid versions of GitLab or they are just getting started to see what is possible.

While I am excited by all GitLab has to offer, my first and lasting technology love is automation - specifically that has come down to provisioning and deployment automation. Whether building the OS on bare metal or sending a new software release to thousands of end points or spinning up a complex cloud stack - watching something scaled happen at your keypresses has always been a potent experience. The scale, the need to use rudimentary, “on-the-box” tooling to accomplish the seemingly impossible and the satisfaction of seeing it all work together are potent for me.

Myself and my fellow SA and friend, Jefferson Jones, are going to do an agile experiment consisting of some live coding events around how to leverage GitLab CI for your CI and CD automation needs.

To me, the name “Jefferson Jones” sounds like someone who would be a polymath - and in one of those strange coincidences of life, that describes Jefferson very well!

The idea is to do a two week recurring live coding event streamed to twitch.tv and youtube! Anyone can submit their CI CD questions or share their GitLab CI accomplishments. We will have only one ask - that whatever you submit is something we can actually get working. This means that what you submit should not require access to private systems and should definitely not contain any company confidential code or security secrets.

We won’t be able to guarantee we can solve your problem and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities to make fools of ourselves or say “I don’t know” - but hopefully we can at least point you in the right direction and maybe even give you a working code example. But most of all we hope to learn with you - about the automation you are tackling, what you’ve innovated on to get there and how we can help you on that journey!

No need to wait, you can queue up your CI/CD coding question for our first meeting by using the issues link below! You will need to show up for the event for us to live code it up for you!

Our first event will be Friday June 5th at 2pm ET.

You can add it to your calendar with this .ICS file.

The live stream will be at: https://www.twitch.tv/missionimpossiblecode and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcL7kaon80MiwuGcNI7A1Dg.

We will be using GitLab issues to queue up questions and enable you to submit code snippets for consideration. Please use this GitLab project for that purpose: https://gitlab.com/missionimpossiblecode/live/-/issues