New PluralSight Course: Chocolatey NuGet Essentials For Automation Pros

If you have background in traditional Windows software deployment automation, Chocolatey NuGet offers a great way to leverage those skills afresh for DevOps style automation.

If you have a background in Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment on Windows, then the familiarity with the underlying NuGet technology means it is an easy bridge for you to use to run all the other installers available on Windows (MSI, MSU, WindowFeatures, setup.exe). In fact, there are valid used cases for using Chocolatey for deploying your own CI code deploy NuGet packages.

A while back, Pluralsight approached me about authoring some course content around the Chocolatey NuGet software deployment automation technology and I am excited to announce that the first of those courses is ready.

Chocolatey NuGet Essentials for Automation Pros unpacks the Chocolatey technology and helps you understand what role it plays in automation, and how it can deliver critical value to your software deployment automation tool chain whether you live in a DevOps world or a Traditional Ops world.

If you’d like to learn more, here is a course trailer over at PluralSight (note: immediately starts a video with audio in your browser)

[Chocolatey NuGet Essentials for Automation Pros] (