Rebrand to Mission Impossible Code

This blog started life as because I was generating a lot of sharable Infrastructure as Code and DevOps automation for Windows. While I still do this, my career focus has really broadened to cover plenty of Linux and more and more cloud specific technologies - which is reflected in my blog posts.

The one common theme across the previous focus and the new one, is that the coding style I try for is consistently characterized by what I’ve come to call “Mission Impossible Code” (originally discussed here). Code that is versatile by being hyper-pragmatic - like a super spy.

Yeah, I have a lot of crappy code as well - but a guy has gotta have a dream to stretch for ;)

So the blog has migrated to and the branding has a slight touch up to match.

Here are a couple other things that have changed as well:

  • If you like subscribing by email, we suggest several external services that can help (see sidebar).
  • Blog comments were not receiving a lot of use, so have been removed.
  • Code repositories are on

Stay tuned for more of the same stuff!