Championing PowerShell: Create Experts at Your Company Session

Championing PowerShell: Create Experts at Your Company Session

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Darwin Sanoy
·Apr 29, 2015·

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I’m excited to be speaking again at IT / Dev Connections this year - it’s in September in Las Vegas. I’m pumped about this topic because I love to find ways to help people grow in their careers!

Session Link: Championing PowerShell: Create Experts at Your Company


A champion is someone who is looked up to as a top talent in their field, and an advocate is someone who is passionate enough about the interests of others to act on their behalf. An advocate doesn’t need to be the end-all and be-all PowerShell expert in the company. The focus of this role is to bring people together and encourage them to invest their PowerShell skills for the benefit of their colleagues, their company, and their careers. Championing PowerShell is a great way to contribute and grow. All you need is some ideas and a little initiative. This session starts by explaining the criticality and necessity of informal learning, as well as the fact that it doesn’t have to be a lonely task. We’ll then discuss how you can champion PowerShell, including many practical activities you can offer to help your colleagues in their PowerShell journey. If you’re not careful, championing PowerShell might just transform you into a “PowerShell champion.”

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