Never Hire a Butler to do a Robot's Job - Born for DevOps CI

Never Hire a Butler to do a Robot's Job - Born for DevOps CI

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Darwin Sanoy
·Aug 16, 2019·

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At Infor, my team is responsible for operating a internal, scalable, highly available implementation of Gitlab It is designed for scaling to service our thousands of SaaS developers building hundreds of applications.

We have built Gitlab CI Runner deployment automation to supersede our previous deployment automation for a pseudo-high availability Jenkins configuration similar to the approach of CloudBees.

We have put together a guide for developers to consider Gitlab CI whenever they have the opportunity to reconsider their CI.

These activities have given insight into the many ways which Gitlab CI differs from legacy solutions that predate DevOps and Cloud development.

This conference session will focus on an analysis of how and why Gitlab CI enables a stable, scalable, highly available, secure and easy to provision CI solution for our developers. It will contrast these capabilities to our old standby solution, Jenkins.

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